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A Beginner’s Guide On Weed And Its Legalization In Canada

It going to be a date to reckon: 17th, October 2018 is that historical date when weed becomes legal in Canada. It is this date that will make Canada the second country on earth to officially legalize the use of marijuana. But what is the significance of all this in the first place? If you have crucial questions prompted by such a move by the government, then you should know that you are not alone on this. You should consider perusing this article so that you can expand your knowledge on this.

So, one of the frequently asked queries is what really motivated the government to take such a bold move in the first place? Well, this should be in public arena already.

First, you need to be reminded that Canada is one of the biggest consumers of weed. If Canada legalizes its use, there would be unmatched paybacks. Come to think about the black market businesses out there; legalizing weed will offer the government great opportunities to manage these markets and even eradicate such businesses. Additionally, the state will enforce tougher regulatory standards, and more essentially develop quality control systems and standards for the businesses in question. By legalizing this product, the government will also limit the access to the youth.

And still, there is the creation of a new source of revenue that the government wants to run itself.

The move has also better scientific research in the field of medicine.

Well then, are you safe to purchase and use or carry the product today? Well, that is not possible because the Cannabis Act as of today forbids the use and acquisition of the product; the government is yet to sanction its use. Nonetheless, if you are intending to acquire this great product for your therapeutic purposes, you will not have to worry about these strict rules. But be reminded that there are no cannabis dispensaries where you can legally get the cannabis treatment, not until the government enacts the new legislation.

So, when can one buy or carry weed freely in Canada? Well, it might be four months in a row. You see, with ten provinces and each of them required to design and implement the recommended infrastructure for use of weed, you might want to give it more time. And one thing that is evident is that it will take some time.

And if you can’t wait to have a grab of this wonderful product, especially when it becomes legal, you should be sure to internalize the rules that accompany the enactment; be sure to stay out of trouble at all times.

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